Retro Bag – Medium


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    Our medium Retro mixed bag – take a walk down memory lane with this bag of beauties! Bring back some childhood memories – What is your favourite???


    Barratt Fruit Salad Chew x 10
    Barratt Black Jack Chew x 10
    Candy Necklace x 2
    Swizzels Love Hearts x 2
    Double Lollies x 2
    Refresher Chew x 2
    Swizzels Original Fizzers x 3
    Barrett Sherbet Fountain x 1
    Drumstick lolly x 2
    Flying Saucers x 4
    Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum x 4
    Small Gobstoppers – 30g
    Barratt Wham Bar x 1
    Swizzels Drumstick Chew Bar x 1
    Swizzels Love Heart Candy Lipstick x 1

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    Weight 400 g


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